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SHTM Inaugural Innovation Seed Program

The goal of the SHTM Inaugural Innovation Seed Grant Program is to give School of Health Technology and Management faculty a competitive edge in securing SUNY, OVPR, and Foundation funding in the post COVID-19 funding landscape with the intent to develop larger, more extensive interprofessional research projects to further engage SHTM faculty in the Stony Brook University research enterprise.

2020 Award Recipients: 

“Interprofessional Training In Telehealth And Serious Illness Patient Management; a Pilot Project”

PI: Nadya Dimitrov

Co-PI: Brooke Ellison

Co-PI: Ghenet Weldeslassie


“An Interdisciplinary Pilot Telerehabilitation Study to Increase Functional Independence after Spinal Cord Injury”

PI: Hannah Mercier

Co-PI: Christina Burke


“Exploring Telehealth Delivery of Early Intervention Services in Suffolk County in response to COVID-19”

PI: Lisa Muratori

Co-PI: Jamie Greco

Co-Investigator: Renee Fabus

Co-Investigator: Mary Squillace

Co-Investigator: Susan Rabinowicz

Co-Investigator: Jamie Saragossi


“Enhancing Health Professional Students’ Communication Skills in an Interprofessional Telehealth Environment”

PI: Lynn Timko-Swaim

Co-PI: Donna Crapanzano

Co-Investigator: Jamie Greco

Co-Investigator: Lisa Johnson

Co-Investigator: Nancy Krisch

Co-Investigator: Ghenet Weldeslassie


Development and Pilot Testing of an Open Access, Modular Bioinformatics Lab for Remote Learning of Graduate, Undergraduate and High School Students”

PI: Hana Fukuto

Co-PI: Gloria Viboud

Research Presentation Recordings

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