Amanda Buke

Amanda Burke - MS 2019
Technologist III, flow cytometry

The MMB program opened the way into flow cytometry for me, and gave me the advanced analytical skills I needed to rise and thrive in my current position.

Grace McCrann Grace McCrann - MS 2019
Laboratory Supervisor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

The MMB program at SBU was the best thing I could do for advancement in my career. Having a masters degree in the fastest growing field in the clinical laboratory made me stick out to employers and made me more marketable across all different types of laboratories.
Mir Suttiprinyanon Mint Suttiprinyanon - MS 2019 
Senior Medical Technologist

The MMB program has allowed me to understand the science behind new molecular analyzers and testing that were introduced into our lab due to the pandemic. Using the knowledge I have obtained through the courses and rotation has allowed me to effectively and knowledgeably communicate with other healthcare personnel regarding molecular testing.
Bright Varghese Bright Varghese - MS 2019
Laboratory Quality Systems Manager at New York Presbyterian Queens

The Medical Molecular Biology program further enhanced and built upon my foundational education in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program. By focusing more on the molecular aspects of the laboratory disciplines, I felt that the program bridged the traditional laboratory sciences with some of the more specialized molecular disciplines.
Jacob Micko Jakub Micko - MS 2020
Pathology Technologist II

This program’s flexibility allowed me to explore other scientific interests and connected me to people and employers that helped me find new possibilities for work. Additionally, many of the laboratories and classes provided good talking points for interviews.

Anni Zheng Anni Zheng - MS 2020
Lead Technologist

Molecular based tests are becoming more important in diagnosis and treatments. It is amazing to be in part of the process.
Emilie Bouda

Emilie Bouda - AC 2021
Application Scientist at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

The MMB program provided me with the skills needed to understand the molecular diagnostic tools needed to diagnose serious diseases like cancer and a huge array of infectious diseases. I am grateful for the discussions throughout the classes, which allowed me to solidify my understanding of the course materials in various practical ways.

Nicole Coveny Nicole Coveny - MS 2021
Clinical Lab Technologist- Specialty in Flow Cytometry at North Shore University Hospital

The MMB program is great for those looking to advance their careers in the laboratory. It is run by excellent professors who help you every step of the way and when finished it creates new opportunities.
Afton Hughes Afton Hughes - MS 2021
Clinical Laboratory Technologist/microbiology/Acutis Diagnostics

This program is a wonderful combination of specialities. It has given me the knowledge base and confidence to move into the fields that I have been wanting to.