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Ph.D. Student, in the news...Congratulations Xiaoqing Zhang

Paper published on Music and Parkinson's Disease - 

Music to one’s ears: Familiarity and music engagement in people with Parkinson’s disease by Ilene Morris, Margaret Schedel, Erin Vasudevan, Daniel Weymouth, Jay Loomis, and Lisa Muratori

Krista Fjeld received the 2019 AHA Predoctoral Fellowship, which spans between 1/1/2019 and 12/31/2020. The total amount awarded over the two years was $53,688. The project submitted was titled" Optimizing Gait Propulsion Training in People with Stroke." Propulsion is the force we use to push off the ground in walking to achieve forward movement. Decreased propulsion after stroke in the paretic (weaker) leg is related to poor walking function, and increasing it may lead to improved walking outcomes. The overall objective of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness of a novel device called the gait propulsion trainer (GPT) to train propulsion after stroke.