From Center Director

The Center for Community Engagement and Leadership Development is integrated within the School of Health Professions at Stony Brook University. As a "laboratory without walls", community members as well as emerging and established researchers convene to address a variety of identified needs within the University and greater community.

Founded in 2013, the Center of Community Engagement and Leadership Development was created by Dr. Carlos Vidal’s steadfast vision on the importance of community engagement and involvement to connect University and local community resources to reduce health and educational disparities as they relate to race, ethnicity, income and social status.

We, at the Center for Community Engagement and Leadership Development at Stony Brook University, believe strongly in a community-based and participatory approach to learning and scholarship. Under this overall philosophy, we believe that some of the most important and useful knowledge comes from those most closely associated with reducing health and educational disparities.

I enthusiastically invite you to learn more about our community of professionals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to our local communities and who work tirelessly for the benefit of those communities.

Throughout the site, please see a description of a few of the projects that we are currently undertaking through the Center.  These projects represent the sharing of expertise and ideas, achieving empowerment through combined community voices, and collaborating together on projects and funding opportunities.

Brooke Ellison, PhD, MPP
Director, Center for Community Engagement and Leadership Development