The Interprofessional Telehealth Board has a focus on education in the following three areas:  

Interprofessional Education Curriculum Development

Stony Brook’s Interprofessional Telehealth Board partners with the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center

Stony Brook Medicine has partnered with the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC) to create the Stony Brook Medicine Interprofessional Telehealth Series modules for Telehealth education. Members of Stony Brook's Interprofessional Telehealth Board created these modules to educate students, faculty, clinicians, and partners about Telehealth and how to incorporate it into the clinical setting. Feel free to use them in your courses or other educational initiatives.

  • Module 1:  Introduction to Interprofessional Telehealth Education
  • Module 2:  Introduction to Telehealth Practice
  • Module 3:  Telehealth Technology
  • Module 4:  Telehealth Compliance, Regulation and Consents
  • Module 5:  Telehealth Ethics and Inclusivity
  • Module 6:  Telehealth and Roles/Responsibilities and Teamwork
  • Module 7:  Telehealth and Communication 
  • Module 8:  Telehealth Interprofessional Student Projects

To access these modules, please visit the New York State Telehealth Training Portal at:

You can create a free account to sign in.

Clinical Simulation

Responsible for creating content (case studies, guides, etc.) utilizing simulation and/or standardized patients to promote interprofessional practice. Responsible for creating multimedia tools to aid in simulation can be used across programs to educate about telehealth and interprofessional practice. 

Interprofessional Clinical Experience

Provide clinical rotation/internship opportunities and training.

For an overview of our innovative Telehealth Interprofessional Education Program — its inception, curricula, and how it's transforming the way our current and future clinicians are using telehealth to provide high quality care and facilitate access to care for our patients — watch this video

For a list of courses in the Health Sciences Schools that include Telehealth within their curricula, please click here.