Grants in Progress by the Interprofessional Telehealth Board Members

Patricia Bruckenthal, PhD,  APRN-BC, FAAN

Principal Investigator: George Leibowitz, PhD, LICSW
Name of Funding Organization: HRSA
Amount Awarded:  $1,868,543  
Period of Grant Award: October 2017 - August 2021
Title of Project;  “FY2017 BHWET Competition - Intraprofessional/Integrated Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training (IBHET)”
Role on Project (if not the PI):  Evaluation Coordinator and Project Director

Nadya Dimitrov, DPM, PAC

Principal Investigator: Nadya Dimitrov DPM, PAC, co-PIs Ghenet Weldeselassie PhD, and Brooke Ellison PhD
Name of Funding Organization: SHTM, Dean
Amount Awarded: $1000
Period of Grant Award: July 15, 2020 - January 31, 2021
Title of Project: "Needs assessment for Interprofessional Education (IPE) in Telehealth and Serious Illness Patient Management"

Deborah Zelizer, PhD, LCSW

Principal Investigator: Deborah Zelizer, PhD, LCSW (assumed PI role in May 2020)
Name of Funding Organization: Presidential Mini-Grant for Departmental Diversity Initiative
Amount Awarded: $2,260
Period of Grant Award: June 2019 - June 2021
Title of Project: “Establishing Diversity with Interprofessional Practice and Whole Person Care using Telehealth”
Grant writing and implementation interprofessional team includes: Professor Carmen McCoy (SHTM), Dr. Kathleen Monahan (SSW), Dr. Renee Fabus (SHTM), Professor Giselle Gerardi (SHTM), Dr. Brooke Ellison (SHTM), Dr. Lenore Lamanna (SON), Dr. Kimberly Noel (SOM), and Ms. Jan "Dini" Zimmerman (CELT Center)