Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Questions:

What is Applied Health Informatics?

Applied Health Informatics is a specialty field in which technology is used to store, retrieve and analyze health information. Health informatics professionals collaborate with interdisciplinary teams of clinical, administrative and information technology staff to develop, implement and support the tools needed to improve patient outcomes. Products of health information technology are everywhere such as:

  • Population health tools that support value-based medicine
  • Activity trackers that help consumers achieve and maintain good health
  • Electronic charting tools that allow providers to document and communicate medical information
  • Patient portals that link people with their health care information
  • Big data and predictive analytics tools that provide behavioral insights that improve patient outcomes

Who would be a good fit for this program?

The MS/AHI program is designed to appeal to clinically prepared health care professionals, as well as non-clinical professionals in fields such as computer science, technology management and health care management interested in implementing and managing health care information systems in complex environments. Successful students are engaged and motivated to seek opportunities to learn and work in a collaborative environment.

Do I need a specific undergraduate degree to apply?

No, our program welcomes students from various educational and professional backgrounds.

What are the admission requirements?

Read the admission requirements to our program:

Do I need to take the GREs for this program?

The GRE is not required for admission.

Do you have information sessions that I can attend?

Yes, information sessions are available on the Southampton and Stony Brook campus. Information session schedule:

How much is the per-credit cost (2022-23)? 

- ONLINE ONLY: $565.00 per credit (6,785.00 full time student rate) for an approximate total credit cost of $27,000 for 48 credits of graduate level work.  

- HYFLEX (required for international students; any student that wants a in-person practicum):

    - New York State resident: $471.00 per credit (5,655.00 full time student rate). Total credit cost of $22,000

    - International / non-New York State resident: $963.00 per credit (11,550.00 full time student rate). Total credit cost of $46,000 

Please note these costs are not total program costs. Total program costs vary based on residency status and additional students fees by Stony Brook University. 

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is April 18th, 2022 for summer 2022 admission.

Program Questions:

When does this program begin?

This 15-month program begins during the summer with courses starting in late May.

Will I gain hands-on experience through this program?

Absolutely! This program offers 480 hours of internship experience. The internship allows students to not only observe the site environment, but to gain practical work experience within a professional environment. Students have been able to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to real world experiences that help promote growth and confidence.

Can I choose my internship site?

The program faculty will work with each student to match them to a site.

Where are classes held?

Our newly renovated classrooms are located on the Stony Brook Southampton campus. Read more about Stony Brook Southampton:

When are classes scheduled?

Our classes are held in the evening to accommodate the needs of working professionals. The start time for classes is 6:00 p.m EST. Classes are delivered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 

What courses are offered?

Click the following link to read about our curriculum and specialization tracks offered:

Is transportation available to the Southampton campus?

A shuttle bus is available from the Stony Brook campus to Southampton when classes are in session.

Is housing available at the Southampton Campus?

Yes, housing is available. After you are term activated (i.e. accept your offer in Solar), you must pay a $200 housing deposit in Solar and complete the graduate housing application.  The application is located on the "Campus Residences" homepage.  Prior to applying for housing students should call 631-632-5088/5089 to discuss the MS/AHI academic schedule.  Southampton campus housing information:

Which health form should I complete?  You must complete the clinical health form. Do not complete the non-clinical health form.

Where should I submit my health form? After you complete the health form you must submit it online to Medicat (i.e. Stony Brook student portal) and CastleBranch. Do Not mail your health form to the school or program.  Note: Keep a copy of your health form.

Careers in Health Informatics:

What type of job opportunities are available after I graduate?

This is a growing field with a wide array of opportunities. Our graduates are employed at regional hospitals, health IT vendors, and Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) programs as data analysts, project managers, coordinators, application specialists, etc. To view a list of alumni job titles, role and organizations of employment click here.

What do your graduates have to say about the program?

Alumni Testimonials:

Are there opportunities to network with Informatics experts while enrolled in this program?

Yes! The MS/AHI faculty are highly skilled and knowledgeable leaders in the industry.