The AHI Program builds relationships with community and corporate partners through projects that involve the use of technology that aims to promote positive change. Below are some initiatives our program faculty, staff, and/or students have been involved with.

National Health IT Collaborative for the Underserved (NHIT) Data Fusion Center

The National Health IT Collaborative for the Underserved (NHIT) is a nonprofit organization that engages underserved populations in the development and use of health information technology to support and sustain health equity and economic viability. AHI students worked with NHIT, Tyler Technologies, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and a diverse group of “storytellers” to develop the NHIT Data Fusion Center, a public-private initiative to translate social determinants of health data into actionable community stories for local governmental, civic and educational leaders.

Parsley Health

Parsley Health is a care delivery company that leverages technology and a holistic approach to medicine to get the full picture of a patients' health to prescribe a plan for long-term healing. AHI students work with Parsley Health on a variety of projects and business-related activities ranging from clinical research, EMR-related enhancements, to workflow and outcome optimization.

Yosi Health

Yosi Health helps healthcare organizations streamline the patient check-in process, minimize in-person contact, and maximize practice revenue. AHI students work with Yosi Health on product enhancement and client KPIs related to the utilization of its services, across a diverse set of healthcare organizations to decrease no-shows, missed appointments, and time to complete initial on-boarding and general administrate work.

Long Island Digital Inclusion Coalition

AHI students and faculty have been actively involved in the formation of the Long Island Digital Inclusion Coalition, a collaborative group of Long Island community organizations, libraries, government entities, education institutions and businesses focused on addressing the three “pillars” of the digital divide – internet access, device access, and digital skills readiness – on Long Island.

As part of a class project, AHI students also built a nifty dashboard tool to display available digital inclusion programs and resources across New York State.

MIT Hacking Racism Hackathon

Several AHI students participated in MIT's Engineering Health Equity Hackathon in November 2021. Students developed solutions to address pervasive healthcare access and SDOH issues.

SHP Occupational Therapy Department Mobile Health Projects

AHI students worked with Dr. Hannah Mercier's rehabilitation research laboratory in the Department of Occupational Therapy on smartphone-based research activities related to community participation, social engagement, and health among individuals with neurological conditions. A team of students worked on automating and monitoring participant recruitment, enrollment, and progress through the study; intervention testing; database management; knowledge translation; and project management.

AHI students also worked with Dr. Mercier on a smartphone-based research platform used to examine exercise, mood, and community participation among people with SCI (measured with HR monitors, exercise log cards, smartphone sensors, and ecological momentary assessment surveys) to analyze and produce data visualizations.

SBM Falls Prevention Program

AHI students assessed the Stony Brook Trauma Center Falls Prevention Program's data management practices and developed a Python-based solution to automate and optimize operational and administrative tasks.

The Opening Word - Infrastructure Assessment

The Opening Word is a non-profit literacy, ESOL, and job readiness program on Long Island. The program aims to unlock the language ability of adult participants, providing them with a key to future personal empowerment, increased civic and social responsibility and enhanced skills for membership in the workforce. The Opening Word is dedicated to helping immigrant non-English speaking women with skills required to succeed in the workforce. AHI students assessed the organization's technology, network and back-office infrastructure at all three of their locations and provided modernization recommendations.

“Connect 2 UR Health” Wellness Fair

With support from the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM), the “Connect 2 UR Health” wellness fair provided seniors in Southampton with interactive, age-specific and hands-on iPad training sessions on relevant health conditions to assist seniors to manage their health and increase health literacy. Licensed health providers from Stony Brook Southampton Hospital and students from the School of Health Professions organized and participated in the event.