Requirements for the PSO in the Respiratory Care Program

The Respiratory Care Program also offers an accredited Polysomnography Specialty Option leading to a certificate of completion in Polysomnography for those senior students in the program that are in good academic standing who would like advanced education in sleep technology.  The number of students enrolled in the Polysomnography Specialty Option is limited to approximately 15.  Senior students in good academic standing and with no outstanding admission prerequisites are eligible for the Polysomnography Specialty Option.  A selection lottery is used if more than 15 students apply. Students who satisfactorily complete the Polysomnography Specialty Option curriculum are additionally awarded a Polysomnography certificate of completion.

Graduates of the Polysomnography Specially Option are eligible to take the Sleep Disorders Specialty (SDS) examination upon earning Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) and a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credentials.