Program Specific Costs


Below you will find the projected cost for Athletic Training Students for 2022-23:

Castlebranch - Anticipated cost is $43.00/year

Background Check - Anticipated cost is $135.00/year

Fingerprinting – Anticipated cost is $100-$120/year

Liability Insurance – Anticipated cost is $40-$50/year

Clothing – Anticipated minimal cost is $200.00/year

NATA Student Membership – Anticipated cost is $85.00/year

Transportation – Cost is dependent on clinical site placement. All AT students are responsible for securing their own transportation to/from their clinical site. This includes cost as well as access to an automobile as many clinical sites are not in close proximity to public transportation.

Health Insurance – All full time students are required to have health insurance; either through the University health insurance plan or a comparable alternate health insurance (click here for further information).

The Counseling and Health Fee is assessed to all students as per tuition and fee rates indicated below.

Estimated cost for required medical clearance documentation, if performed at the Student Health Service (SHS), is as follows:

Fall/Spring Health and Counseling fees are included in tuition and fees ($176)

Summer Session I or II HCF fee is $51 each session

Physical examination is $40

Annual health assessment is included in fall/spring semester tuition and summer session fees

PPD placement is $5

Titers (sent to an outside lab and the student's insurance is billed) full charge is approximately $100

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