Hana Fukuto, PhD, SMB(ASCP)CM

Hana Fukuto

Hana Fukuto, PhD, SMB(ASCP)CM

Clinical Assistant Professor 
Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Stony Brook University
HSC Level 2, room 445

Phone: 631-638-7945
E-mail: hana.fukuto@stonybrook.edu


Dr. Hana Fukuto received her B.A. from Wellesley College and PhD from Harvard University. Her thesis research focused on identification and characterization of genes that are important for the detection of smell (chemosensation) in the nematode C. elegans. As a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. James Bliska at Stony Brook University, she studied how the bacterial pathogen Yersinia pestis adapts to the hostile environment inside the immune cells of host animals during infection.

Hana joined the CLS Department, first as an adjunct professor in 2010, and then as a fulltime faculty member in 2017. Certified as a Specialist in Molecular Biology (SMB) by the American Society of Clinical Pathology in 2019, she currently teaches a range of graduate and undergraduate courses on medical molecular biology, cytogenetics, research methods and writing, explaining how different molecular techniques can be applied to disease diagnosis as well as clinical research. She also co-developed our Master’s Degree and Advanced Certificate Programs in Medical Molecular Biology. Her current scholarly activity centers on the development and evaluation of new training modules in molecular biology in collaboration with her colleague Dr. Gloria Viboud. Hana is always curious to learn how things work inside the cells, and enjoys sharing that knowledge with students.

For a list of publications, please click here.

Grants received:

  • The Healthcare Worker Retraining Initiative Grant from NYS-DOH for the implementation of the Advanced Certificate Program in Medical Molecular Biology (2018-2019)
  • An internal seed grant from the School of Health Professions for the development a virtual bioinformatics lab unit, with Dr. Gloria Viboud (2020)