CLS Freshman Declare Option

The CLS Program offers a four-year option that enables Stony Brook freshmen students to declare a lower division of the major and if successful, advance to the upper division of the program for their Junior and Senior years. 

Note: An AOI in CLS does not mean the major has been declared. 

In order to become a Freshman Declared Major in CLS at Stony Brook students must contact the program and meet with a faculty advisor in the CLS program. Students will be advised as to which courses need to be taken in order to crossover to the CLS program for the Junior and Senior years. 

All Freshman interested in declaring the major will be placed on a HOLD list. Once fall grades are posted the list will be reviewed for GPA and completed coursework. Students will be invited via email to declare the lower division of the CLS major once freshman declare decisions have been made. Other students may be placed on a waitlist. Students must meet the 2.5 GPA requirement. 

Click here to sign up for an CLS Freshman Declare information session. All advisement meetings will be held remotely on zoom. 

When you declared Clinical Laboratory Sciences as your major during your freshman year, you must complete the following in  order to advance to the upper division major:

  • Fulfill prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or better. (see attached)
  • Complete CLS Introduction Course (HAD 210) with an A– or better
  • Maintain a GPA 2.5 or higher

If you would like to schedule a meeting please contact with dates and times you are available.