CLS Part Time Program Of Study


Program of Study for a Bachelor’s of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Foundations in CLS  1.5 credits
Medical Ethics 1.0 credit 
Physiology  4.0 credits
Pathology  3.0 credits
Intro to Biochemistry  3.0 credits
Foundation in Phlebotomy  1.5 credits
Clinical Chemistry I , II, III  8.0 credits
Hematology  4.0 credits
Clinical Microbiology I &II  8.0 credits
Parasitology/Mycology  3.0 credits
Medical Molecular Biology   3.0 credits
Computer Applications   2.0 credits
Coagulation, Urinalysis, Body Fluids  3.0 credits
Immunohematology  3.5 credits
Pharmacology  1.5 credits
Immunology  3.0 credits
Research Design  1.0 credit
Research Tutorial  2.0 credits
Clinical Laboratory Quality Management  1.0 credit  
Management for Health Professionals  1.0 credit
Advanced Seminar in CLS  2.0 credits


Laboratory Rotations

Clinical Chemistry Practicum 4.0 credits
Hematology Practicum 3.0 credits
Hemostasis Practicum 1.0 credits
Microbiology Practicum 6.0 credits
Immunohematology Practicum 3.0 credits

The student would need to come to campus for all courses. 

If the student completes the program and receives a BS degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences from Stony Brook, they are eligible for ASCP certification and New York State licensure.

This program is NACCLS approved because it follows the traditional CLS program at Stony Brook University.  The difference is the program length, not the course content or program requirements.

For a more indepth view of the 3 year layout and timeline of our program please consult the Sample Schedule for when courses will be made available to students. To view the Sample Schedule, please click here.