Entry-Level DPT: Tuition, Financial Aid & Housing

The Entry-Level Doctorate in Physical Therapy Program is a 3-year full-time (summer, fall and spring semesters) graduate professional program.



In addition to full-time coursework taken during fall and spring academic semesters in each of the 3-years, students take 8 summer credits at the beginning of the first year, 7 summer credits at the beginning of the second year, and 9 summer credits at the beginning of the third year of the program.

Tuition associated with the full-time (12 or more credits) coursework in the fall and spring semesters of each of the 3 years of the DPT program can be found under the "12 cr" column on the "Physical Therapy" table at the link below.  Summer tuition is a per-credit cost, and can be found under the "7 cr", "8 cr", and "9 cr" columns on the Physical Therapy table at the link below for each of the 3 summer semesters. The far right column on the table linked below represents the total of fall and spring semester tuition and fees for the current year, without per-credit summer tuition included.

Tuition and Fees:

Financial Aid


Other costs include books, medical equipment, uniforms, transportation to and from clinical sites, NPTE preparation fees, clinical education software and screening fees, and personal student malpractice insurance. 

Books, medical equipment, uniforms (annually) $1,000
Clinical Transportation Years 2 & 3 (annually) $2,250
Exxat Clinical Education Software Fee (1st year only) $100
Castlebranch Clinical Education Compliance Tracker one-time fee; Additional potential background check ($135) and/or drug testing ($40) fees are site specific  $43
National PT Exam Preparation Fee (3rd year only) $120
Personal malpractice insurance (annually) $15

These costs are estimates and may change without written notice.


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