Entry-Level DPT: Tuition, Financial Aid & Housing

The Entry-Level Doctorate in Physical Therapy Program is a 3-year full-time (summer, fall and spring semesters) graduate professional program.



In addition to full-time coursework taken during fall and spring academic semesters in each of the 3-years, students take 8 summer credits at the beginning of the first year, 7 summer credits at the beginning of the second year, and 9 summer credits at the beginning of the third year of the program.

Tuition associated with the full-time (12 or more credits) coursework in the fall and spring semesters of each of the 3 years of the DPT program can be found under the "12 cr" column on the "Physical Therapy" table at the link below.  Summer tuition is a per-credit cost, and can be found under the "7 cr", "8 cr", and "9 cr" columns on the Physical Therapy table at the link below for each of the 3 summer semesters. The far right column on the table linked below represents the total of fall and spring semester tuition and fees for the current year, without per-credit summer tuition included.

Tuition and Fees:

Financial Aid


Other costs include books, medical equipment, uniforms, transportation to and from clinical sites, and personal student malpractice insurance. 

Books, medical equipment, uniforms (annually) $1,000
Clinical Transportation Years 2 & 3 (annually) $2,250
Exxat Clinical Education Software Fee (1st year only) $200
National PT Exam Preparation Fee (3rd year only) $120
Personal malpractice insurance (annually) $15

These costs are estimates and may change without written notice.


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