Physical Therapy Grants and Scholarships

American Association of University Women—Career Development Grants

These grants are awarded by the AAUW to “provide funding to women who hold a bachelor’s degree and are preparing to advance or change careers or reenter the workforce.” Award amount varies but can range from $2,000 to $12,000. The money awarded in these grants can be used for tuition and other educational expenses, including books and transportation.

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In addition to seeking physical therapy grants, you can also apply for Doctor of Physical Therapy scholarships.  We’ve compiled a list of physical therapy scholarships for doctoral students to help you discover awards that may you qualify for.  Explore the options below.

The Sherrie Glasser Mayrsohn, Metro Physical Therapy Scholarship

The Sherrie Glasser Mayrsohn, Metro Physical Therapy Scholarship was created by Michael Mayrsohn who is a member of Stony Brook’s Physical Therapy Class of 2012.  The Scholarship is in honor of Michael’s mother, Sherrie Glasser Mayrsohn.  Michael and Sherrie are both Owners and Directors of Metro Physical and Aquatic Therapy.  As of 2021, Metro Physical and Aquatic Therapy has 15 locations across Long Island and has expanded their practice to include Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology and Mental Health services.

Sherrie Glasser Mayrsohn, PT, MS, is widely known across her profession as being an expect in orthopedic, sports and geriatric physical therapy.  Sherrie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy at Stony Brook University in 1977 and went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Orthopedic Physical Therapy at the Institute of Graduate Health Sciences in Atlanta, Georgia.  Sherrie is an active member of ASSET (American Society for Shoulder & Elbow Therapists) and AIPT (American Independent Physical Therapy), the American Physical Therapy Association and the Northeast Women’s Health Student Group.  Sherrie has a great passion for working with the geriatric population, incorporating senior wellness, golf fitness and fall prevention.

Because of the Mayrsohn family’s exceptional affinity to Stony Brook, they have decided to establish a named scholarship to support deserving students in the Physical Therapy program.

Award Amount

Up to $10,000 per year in scholarship support to a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program student.

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AMBUCS—Scholarship Program for Therapists

This award is open to physical and occupational therapy students pursuing a doctoral degree. FAFSA information and a personal statement are required to apply. You do not have to be affiliated with an AMBUCS chapter to qualify for this scholarship. Award amounts range from $500-$3,000.

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HIE Help Center—Scholarship for Physical and Occupational Therapy Students

Each year, the HIE Help Center awards $1,000 to a student pursuing a career in physical or occupational therapy. This is open to graduate-level students and can be awarded to someone currently in a PT program or planning to enroll in one. Applicants must submit an essay detailing what drew them to the field.

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John Randolf Foundation—Franklin D. Boyce Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded based on many factors, including applicant academic history and community involvement. It takes into account financial backgrounds, so applicants must demonstrate financial need. The $2,500 award is open to graduate students in health-related fields.

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Brightlife Direct—Physical Therapy Scholarship

The $1,000 annual Brightlife Direct Scholarship is open to PT and PTA students. To qualify, you must be a full-time student who has completed at least one year of PT education. Also required is a letter of recommendation and a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

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National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Scholarships

  • Challenge Scholarship

    Multiple awards are given out each year to students pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree in a strength and conditioning-related field. Physical therapy students are welcome to apply for this $2,000 award. Students are eligible to win this award twice, meaning this award could help you for two years if you qualify.
  • Jerry Martin Memorial Scholarship

    If you are planning to become a strength and conditioning coach, consider applying for this scholarship. As the requirements outline, this award has “the specific purpose of providing tuition assistance to students planning careers as strength coaches, and majoring in a related field.” Physical therapy does qualify as a related field per NSCA guidelines. The amount awarded is $2,000.
  • Minority Scholarship

    For minority students seeking a DPT scholarship, this award offers $2,000 in tuition assistance. The NSCA states that applicants “must demonstrate they have been accepted into an accredited institution working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree in the strength and conditioning field.”

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American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Scholarships

  • Outstanding PT Student Award

    If you are not a member of APTA, consider joining the association to access physical therapy scholarships they provide. For instance, the Outstanding PT student award offers $1,000 to a student in their final year of a PT educational program. The student must demonstrate a history of accomplishments.

    See if you meet the eligibility requirements for the Outstanding PT Student Award
  • Minority Scholarship Award

    Funded by the Physical Therapy Fund, this award is open to minority PT students who are APTA members. The amount varies, and multiple awards are given each year to deserving students.

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  • Mary McMillan Scholarship Award

    This $5,000 award is open to physical therapy students in their last year of schooling. Recipients are those with a history of high grades and those that demonstrate strong professional potential. In order to apply for this award, you must first be nominated.

    Learn more about the requirements for the Mary McMillan Scholarship Award

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Scholarships

If you’re a woman pursuing higher education, the AAUW is a great resource. The AAUW awards $4 million annually in grants and scholarships to aid women in academic endeavors.

Many of their awards are location-based, so visit the AAUW local scholarships list to see what awards are available in your area. Below is a list of current AAUW awards.

  • Returning Scholar Scholarship

    This award is open to graduate students who are continuing their education. To apply, you must have completed at least 12 credit hours of an undergrad program. Two awards are given out each year in the amount of $2,500 per recipient. This scholarship is restricted to residents of Illinois, but there are similar ones for states across the country on the AAUW website.

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  • Catalyst for Change Scholarship

    The AAUW mission is to “advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy.” The Catalyst for Change scholarship is awarded to women who are activists in line with this mission. Two of these awards are given each year in the amount of $4,000 each.

    Learn more about the requirements for the Catalyst for Change Scholarship