Academic Integrity Policies

All academic dishonesty complaints are submitted to the Chair of the program from which the accused student originates. The Program Chair shall review the complaint and may request a written statement from the accuser(s) regarding the incident. If the Program Chair after consultation with the Chair of the Academic Standing Committee (ASC) in the School, determines that the accused student had a prior finding of SHP academic dishonesty then the matter will be referred to ASC, and the Program Chair shall notify the accused student that the matter has been referred to ASC.

If there has not been a prior finding of SHP academic dishonesty, the Program Chair will notify the accused of the complaint and advise that he/she may: (a) resolve the matter within the program (and not contest the complaint/accept responsibility for the misconduct); or (b) contest the complaint in which case the complaint will be referred to the ASC. The Program Chair/Director may also refer the case directly to the ASC for adjudication in lieu of resolution within the program. The accused student has five (5) days from notification of the complaint, to decide how he/she wishes to proceed. During this five (5) day period, and at anytime during the process, the accused student has access to the Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, with whom the student may review and discuss the policies and procedures.

Also during this period or at any time during the process, the accuser and/or Program Chair may seek advisement concerning policies and procedures from the Associate Dean of the School of Health Professions. 1. If the accused chooses to resolve the matter within the Program, the Program Chair/Director shall meet with the student to discuss the proposed penalty and assess a penalty. If the penalty assessed by the Program Chair is uncontested by the accused student, the matter is considered resolved. 2. If the penalty rendered by the Program Chair pursuant to # 1 above is contested, then the matter shall be referred directly to the ASC. Academic Policies & Procedures Upon completion of steps #1 or # 2 above, the Program Chair, shall submit a signed Academic Dishonesty Incident Report (ADIR) with supporting documentation, to the Chair of the ASC and a copy to the Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs within five (5) business days of completion of Step # 1 or # 2, as appropriate. The Chair of the ASC shall maintain ADIRs. The ADIR can only be used in a finding of academic dishonesty, and then only in the penalty (closed session) phase of the hearing.

See information about SHP Academic Policies and Procedures.