About the Program

 Health Science Overview

Educating health care professionals has been a mission of Stony Brook University (SBU) since 1963 when the Muir Commission recommended that an academic health center be located on campus to address regional health care shortages. Fifty-one years later, our institution remains steadfast to this mission by developing the Health Science major in the School of Health Professions.

The success of the health care system in this country is dependent upon qualified personnel. Access to care, quality of care, and cost of care are all affected by the availability of properly educated and trained workers. In formulating policies, plans, and programs, the health industry, policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders need timely data on the supply, demand, distribution, education, and use of the workers needed to deliver essential services. Therefore, School of Health Professions along with the Health Science major, continues to design and offer majors to recruit and graduate students who will work in areas of critical need, as identified by state agencies, professional associations, organized labor, and the business and industrial sectors of the state.

The Health Science major, inclusive of faculty, staff, and students, has achieved considerable success in a relatively short period of time. We have created an educational model that strengthens New York State’s health care delivery and responds to student need.

As our health care environment continues to evolve, so will our educational objectives. Our indicators for success will be measured by our ability to fulfill regional health care needs and the clinical and non-clinical needs of SBU students.

Faculty and staff of the program pledge their continued support to SBU students. By collectively sharing alternative educational initiatives, we will continue to help generations of SBU students become valuable members of provider teams across our nation.