Alumni Perspectives



 “The Health Science Stony Brook University was exceptional, to say the least. It was tremendously beneficial to me in choosing a career path, and the knowledge I gained there has proven to be very valuable on the job. I wanted to thank you for providing me all of your help throughout my time in the School of Health Technology and Management and with an all-around great program that prepared me so well for the healthcare industry.” - Student, Class of 2008  


 “The quality of education in the Health Science major is similar to a master’s level education. On behalf of all of my undergraduate classmates, thank you for giving us a proper education.” - Student, Class of 2005 


“I’m writing to let you know how great the Health Science major was and how useful it has been to me. I have gone on interviews and people are amazed with the things that I have done or have learned during my time in the major. I have recently been accepted into Columbia University for health education. I appreciate all that the program has given to me.” - Student, Class of 2003


“Within the first two weeks of attending classes, I realized that the Health Science major was, in fact, a little community. Our classroom environments were not competitive, but rather supportive. On behalf of the graduating class of 2004, I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful support, in, and out of the classroom; for your flexibility, open door policies; and your overall openness to our opinions. You have all made the major a better place.” - Student, Class of 2004


“Joining the Health Science major, academically and socially, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. For most of us, it was the first time we had ever felt a strong sense of community and support within the university. The resources and advice were plentiful, and so was the laughter and encouragement.” - Student, Class of 2004


“Our education is truly the key to our success and will open the doors to many opportunities. I want to remind you that it is not only the education that is valuable, but how we utilize that education to benefit ourselves and others. Our experience in the Health Science major has given us the confidence to believe in ourselves, to believe that one day we will accomplish things that others thought impossible.” - Student, Class of 2005


“I had been a psychology major, but I was really hoping to find an undergraduate degree that would have a more relevant, direct health care application and be more applicable in my future studies. The Health Science curriculum opens up a lot of doors and really shows you what to expect in the health care field.” - Student, Class of 2001


“All of the information that I’ve learned in the Health Science major has remained with me. Everyone did such a wonderful job. I realize now that it is because, as professors, you have practiced in the areas that you teach. This is such a powerful example. A good business teacher cannot teach you what to do if your business fails if they’ve never run their own business. I have learned that facts are great, but having hands on knowledge is the key to a good education.” - Student, Class of 2004


“Senior year not only gave me a valuable education, it also gave me information that I continue to use every day. I am certain that because of the Health Science major, I am a better student and can handle the format of the physician assistant program (especially spending all day and all year with the same 30 students).” - Student, Class of 2003


“I’m so happy I was in the Social and Behavioral Aspects of Health class. It has given me an edge in my nursing classes. I am also accustomed to the three hour classes that everyone else seems to groan about. It’s difficult to put in writing how truly beneficial getting my degree in Health Science has been for me.” - Student, Class of 2003


“With the knowledge gained in the disability studies concentration, it’s clear to me now that people with disabilities can be as independent as anyone else if they are given a chance by society.” - Student, Class of 2004


“The recruiter heard that I went to Stony Brook’s Health Science Major and told me how good the program was and that she had hired someone from the program a few months ago.” - Student, Class of 2004


“We have successfully completed a preliminary study to evaluate the usefulness of a holographic display device in radiation treatment planning.” - Student, Class of 2005.


“The lessons learned during my year in the Health Science major have remained with me to this day. It’s funny, usually when you are finished with a class, you can’t wait to discard notes because you are sure that you will never have any practical use for them. I can honestly say that I had the exact opposite feelings with my Health Science coursework. I am sure I will be referring to them in medical school and beyond.” - Student, Class of 2002


“I have no regrets in choosing the Health Science major. It has truly been the basic foundation for me at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital. The education that I have received in the major has helped me feel comfortable in the health care environment.” - Student, Class of 2003



“The Radiation Therapy program is excellent. It boasts small class sizes and individual attention from faculty who are well-known and respected in their fields. Before even beginning our clinical coursework, we already felt extremely knowledgeable about our chosen profession.” - Student, Class of 2006