Advancement Requirements

This page contains information for students who are still fulfilling degree requirements needed to begin their senior year.


Health Science Major Declaration

All students that wish to declare the Health Science major must watch a video and complete a survey/questionnaire (links below). Please check the appropriate term academic calendar for deadline dates.

In order to receive credit for watching the video you MUST complete the survey/questionnaire. 

You will have to log onto the workshop with your SBU email address.

Health Science Workshop Video Link:


Health Science Survey (questionnaire) Link:

Health Science Advancement Requirements 

While there is no formal application process, all health science majors must complete the following requirements by the end of the spring semester prior to advancing to the major's full-time senior year curriculum

* 91 credits with a minimum grade point average of 2.0** including the following: 

·         All S.B.C. requirements, with the exception of TECH, ESI, CER, DIV, SPK and WRTD

·         A minimum of 16 credits of natural science coursework, including HAN 200*** and HAN 202*** (BIO 203/ANP 300 or other equivalent anatomy and physiology courses) 

·         21 credits of related electives including HAN 251*** and HAN 312***. Any natural science course taken beyond the minimum requirement of 16 credits can also satisfy the related electives requirement.

·         See the Health Science program website for an extensive list of related electives.

·         10 upper-division credits (300 and 400 level courses). Can be met with any course meeting S.B.C., natural science, or related electives requirements. 

·         Successful completion of the mandatory Health Science workshop and survey.

·         Successful completion of WRT 102 or equivalent


* All students need a minimum of 91 credits and all requirements met by the end of the spring semester to advance to the fall senior year curriculum. Students with a declared second major or minor(s) must complete all required coursework for the major/minor(s) prior to advancing to senior year curriculum. Prerequisite courses (natural science and related electives) required for advancement to the senior year curriculum must be completed with a letter grade of C or better. Courses graded with a G/P/NC or S/U grade may not be used to satisfy the Health Science major requirements.

** Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 by the end of the spring semester prior to advancement, however, if a student’s GPA falls below 2.0 after completing courses with incomplete grades or registration in summer classes, the student will not be permitted to advance to the senior year.

***Students have 3 attempts to pass these courses with the letter grade of C or better, withdrawing from the course is considered an attempt. If a student does not earn the grade of C or higher after the third attempt, a student will be required to change their major.


Health Science Advising

Students who are interested in receiving advising for the Health Science major can meet with Traci Thompson. 

Advising by Appointment: please log on to Navigate to schedule an appointment. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Students may attend by-appointment advising even if they have not yet been to a workshop. For best advising availability, please consider coming for advisement early or mid-semester (prior to your enrollment date).


Health Science Pre Requisite List

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