Students spend their freshman, sophomore, and junior years on west campus completing liberal arts requirements. While there is no formal application process to declare the major, students must complete many academic requirments before advancing to the Health Science senior year. Please go to the Information and Advising section on this website for a copy of the Health Science Student Handbook for detailed requirements.

Once a student has begun their senior year, an application process will be necessary to be considered for a spot in one of the clinical concentrations. During the fall semester, students begin working on their application(s) for the clinical concentrations. Each application consists of two letters of recommendations, a personal essay, and college transcripts. All applications are reviewed by clinical faculty from the selected concentration.  If the student has met the initial requirements of the concentration, they are intivited to participate in a formal interview.  Students are aware of their acceptance or non acceptance into the clinical concentration(s) before the end of the fall semester in order to appropriately register for their spring coursework.