Radiologic Technology Concentration

Radiologic Technology

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This concentration was developed to educate students to meet the growing demand for technologists who image the body through the use of radiation equipment (X-ray technology). As a member of the radiological team, technologists capture images of bones, organs, and blood vessels as prescribed by physicians to assist in the diagnosis of diseases or injuries. After completion of this concentration, students continue on to the clinical non-credit, non-degree certificate program. Successful completion of both the concentration and the clinical non-credit, non-degree certificate program are required in order to be eligible to take the national registry examination. Job opportunities may be found in hospitals, physicians’ offices, urgent care clinics, diagnostic laboratories and industry. Since this is a program within the Health Science major, we only accept applications from students that have been advanced to the major's senior year curriculum. Total length of study is 5 years: Health Science major (4 years) + 12 months (clinical non-credit, non-degree certificate program). 

Questions about admissions, contact Dr. Zelizer at 631-444-6158 or 

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