Maria Dimopoulos, MBA, RT(T)

Maria Dimopoulos, MBA, RT(T)

Clinical Assistant Professor

Health Science Major
Stony Brook University

HSC, Level 2, Room 481

Phone: 646-951-7969

Maria Dimopoulos, MBA, RT(T) is the Associate Director for the Mount Sinai Center for Radiation Sciences Education and
clinical assistant professor at Stony Brook University. Maria earned her undergraduate degree in human biology from North
Carolina State University, radiation therapy education at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and MBA in Healthcare from Simmons University. Maria is the inaugural President of the Radiation Therapy Association of New York State, serves on the ASRT Foundation Research and Grants Advisory Panel, is a peer-reviewer for ASRT’s Radiation Therapist journal, an ASRT mentor, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Health Professions Education and Leadership. Maria describes her passion at the crossroads of radiation therapy practice, research, and education.