George Spencer Arnould

George Spencer Arnould, MS, CMD, RT(T)

Clinical Assistant Professor
TH Rad Therapy Dosimetrist

Medical Dosimetry Program
Stony Brook University

UH, Level 2, Room 000
Phone: 631.444-0000
Fax: 631.444.0000

P George Spencer Arnould MS, CMD, RT(T) is the Medical Dosimetry program Director for the Mount Sinai Center for Radiation Sciences Education and clinical assistant professor at Stony Brook University. Spencer earned his undergraduate degree in Radiation Therapy at The University of Michigan, and his Master's degree in Medical Dosimetry at the University of Wisconsin. Spencer is the current President-Elect for the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board (MDCB), and also an Associate Editor for the AAMD Journal. Spencer describes his passion as not only practice, education, and research, but also giving back and contributing to the medical dosimetry profession.