PA Entry-Level: Alumni Perspectives

Robin Hunter Buskey image

Captain Robin N. Hunter Buskey, DHSc, CPHQ, CCHP, CDE, PA-C
Stony Brook University Physician Assistant Program Class of 1985
Employed as the Senior Physician Assistant with the US Public Health Service

I am grateful for the preparation from the SBU PA program.  I continue to thrive 35 + years later from the wonderful educational experience of high quality in the maze of health care complexities. I truly enjoy helping my patients and making a difference. I see that many of my classmates also continue to provide outstanding contributions in health care.

Patti Cuartas image

Patti Cuartas, PA-C, MBA, PMP
Stony Brook University Physician Assistant Program Class of 2000
Employed as the Executive Director and Associate CMO
Information Technology
Mount Sinai Health System

Patti received undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry and Psychology, and the PA degree from Stony Brook – her beloved alma mater.  She has been involved in and connected with Stony Brook for over 20 years in one form or another, whether being part of the PA school admissions committee, precepting PA students or lecturing in the entry level and post masters PA program.  Stony Brook has always meant a world of opportunities which is why she dedicates time to the continued growth and reputation of SBU, and is immensely proud of being an alumni.

Matt Klics head shot

Matthew Klics PA-C
Stony Brook University Physician Assistant Program Class of 2016
Employed by Total Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Since graduating, I have worked in the orthopedic surgery specialty. I was an athletic trainer prior to becoming a physician assistant, so this was the natural progression for me in my career. Because of the education I received at the Stony Brook PA program, I felt more than prepared for my first position out of graduate school. The program instilled into me showing up early, working hard, and being an efficient provider. More important than learning the medicine, the Stony Brook PA program transforms their students into professionals.

The faculty truly creates a family environment all while training future medical providers at a high level. While it is a challenging program, you are supported by your peers and educators. Years later, I still communicate with my former professors and classmates on both a professional and personal level. I have been doing my best to give back to the program since being a student. I give an orthopedic guest lecture for the didactic students and participate in the casting/splinting labs. The professors have guided me and provided me the confidence to perform my job at a high level, so it only felt right to do my part and give back however I can.

Gene Connolly photo

Gene Connolly, PA-C
Stony Brook University Physician Assistant Program Class of 2003
Expected PA Post-Professional Master's Program graduate 2022
Employed at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital
Internal Medicine, Meeting House Lane Medical Practice, Amagansett, NY

The experience I have had with the Stony Brook PA Program has and continues to be been tremendous after having graduated in 2003 and employed for the past 18 years in Internal Medicine. The education I received prepared me for all the challenges of a new graduate. The faculty and staff were excellent and always supportive including my fellow classmates. The Stony Brook PA Program's reputation for producing excellent PA's is nationwide. I enjoy participating on the program’s admissions committee and working with students in clinical skills labs. Looking forward to finishing my Master's Program and possibly moving into the academic education of medicine. Thank you all past and current faculty and staff for making my journey in medicine the best.