Classrooms and other Academic Facilities

Most classes in the first year of the program are conducted in the PA Classrooms, both in the Health Sciences Center and Southampton. PA students also meet for some classes in lecture halls, auditoriums and other classrooms for some basic science courses and for those times when all program students are at one campus location.

PA Classroom and Exam/Breakout Rooms in the Health Sciences Center:

The PA Classroom in the Health Sciences Center is on level 2 in room 125. This classroom can be found by either 1) parking in the hospital lot and taking the escalators from the main entrance of the hospital (level 5) down to level 2 and following signs on your right for the classroom or 2) from the Health Sciences Center parking lot, walk down the entry hallway to end, turn left and walk straight until you see hallway for Room 125 on your left. 



PA Classroom and Exam/Breakout Rooms at Southampton:

The PA Classroom at Southampton is located on the ground floor of Atlantic Hall. 




Lecture Halls, Auditorium, and other Classrooms:

Lecture Halls 1, 2, 3, 4 are located on Level 2 of the Health Sciences Center - near the escalator
Lecture Halls 5 and 6 are located on Level 3 of the Health Sciences Center - near the escalator
Several seminar rooms are located on level 2 of the Health Sciences Center

 lecture hall HSC   HSC seminar room

Medical and Research Translation Building (MART) Auditorium located on level 5 of University Hospital



Library Facilities and Other Study Areas

Students utilize library facilities and resources at both the Health Sciences Center (top) and Southampton (bottom) 
locations as well as other study spaces and computer labs. The Health Sciences Center library is located on level 3 near the escalator. The Southampton library building is directly next door to Atlantic Hall (PA Classroom). 

HSC library   HSC lib   HSC lib2   

SH library   SH lib


Both indoor and outdoor patios and dedicated study spaces are also available for at both campus locations.

HSC patio1      patio2

 study area HSC   


The Stony Brook Clinical Skills Center

Click to visit the Clinical Skills Center

Clinical Skills Center 1  Clinical Skills Center2

Clinical Skills Center3  Clinical Skills Center 4