About the Office of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

SHP Office of DEI - Mission

The mission of the School of Health Professions Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is to work collaboratively with faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders to promote a broadened individual and collective understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Our aim is to create a culture of inclusion and social justice within the School, by recognizing its diversity and addressing mechanisms of systemic bias that affect marginalized groups. The aim is to foster growth and advocacy for all members of the School. With support from leadership, the ODD advises and recommends policies, professional development, and pedagogical practices as is consistent with the mission of the SHP.

SHP Office of DEI - Goals

  • Develop and facilitate diversity, equity and inclusion educational sessions for faculty, staff, clinical preceptors, students, and alumni;

  • Provide resources to support faculty's ability to align course content with diversity, equity and inclusion best pedagogical practices;

  • Provide resources to support programs’ ability to meet diversity accreditation requirements around diversity, equity, and inclusion;

  • Seek campus and external funding opportunities that support the development and sustainability of diversity , equity, and inclusion practices in the areas of education, admissions, faculty and student development, and retention. for initiatives that advance faculty/staff/student diversity;

  • Create and implement mentorship programs to increase diversity, equity and inclusion across the School.

SHP DEI Working Group

The SHP Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals who have decided to serve as the DEI Working Group:

Teresa Blaskopf Elisabel Chang Cathy Gropper Robbye Kinkade Margaret Sheryll
Deb Brown Rasheed Davis Carmen Hall Lisa Komnik Risa Stein
Rosalia Casanova Paul Dominguez Lisa Johnson Agnes McConlogue Ferro